At Jasper’s only Korean restaurant, owner Monica An greets guests with genuine warmth. Since Kimchi House is a small establishment slightly off the beaten path, most patrons are local residents and travelers-in-the-know.

From the kitchen comes the authentic cuisine of Monica’s native land. Every dish is made from scratch. Artistically plated selections are served in sizzling pots, cast iron plates and bowls crafted from stone, as well as lovely long porcelain dishes. Guests have the option of ordering their choices spicy, mild or somewhere in between.

At Kimchi House, the atmosphere is enhanced by the Korean art, red hue walls and lacquered wood furnishings.

The restaurant is located at 407 Patricia St, one block east of Jasper’s downtown Visitor Information Centre.

Open Daily: 12am – 8pm

Call for takeout 780-852-5022

Entrées are $15 to $28. Vegetarian menu selections are $15 to $18.
Dinners for two to six people are $43 to $116.

Menu Samples

  • Kimchi: suey choy with cayenne, garlic and ginger
  • Starters: choices include dumplings, stuffed rice seaweed rolls,
    egg rolls and mung bean battered pork with vegetables
  • Soups (prepared spicy, medium or mild and served in a hot pot): combinations of kimchi, vegetables, tofu, pork, beef, fresh fish and shellfish
  • Noodles: served hot or cold with several beef, seafood and vegetable choices
  • Deep fried sweet and spicy chicken with vegetables (Kan Pung Gi)
  • Sautéed squid and vegetables (Jing-Oh Bok Um)
  • Sautéed seafood, vegetables and clear potato noodles
    (Jab Tang Bab)
  • Sautéed seafood with vegetables (Hae-Mul Bok-Um)
  • Beef and vegetables with clear potato noodles in sweet
    sesame sauce (Jab Chae Bab)
  • Colourful vegetables, beef and an egg in a hot stone bowl
    (Dol Sot Bibim Bab)
  • Marinated sliced beef with vegetables (Bul Go Gi)
  • Sizzling beef short ribs on a hot plate (Bul Gal Bi)